Video Content for Busy Real Estate Pros

Making Complex Real Estate Processes Simpler with Personalized Explanatory Videos

Do you find yourself repeating complex real estate concepts to potential clients time and again? FLOWS is about to transform your way of doing things. As a real estate professional, you can now subscribe to a curated package of 52 personalized explanatory videos. Customized with your logo and contact details, the entire video bundle will be forwarded to your inbox within 48 hours of subscribing. Use them throughout the year to consistently nurture your potential customers and to gently guide leads until they are ready to make the deal.

Your Flow of Quality Content for 52 Weeks

Enjoy complete peace of mind for an entire year, knowing you have a stockpile of engaging, informative video content. With a collection of 52 videos, you can post a fresh video every week, keeping your audience engaged and your brand at the forefront of their minds. What's more? Each year, you'll receive a fresh batch of 52 new videos. This guarantees a consistent stream of content and ensures that your content remains relevant, fresh, and engaging throughout the year. 

Multichannel Sharing for Maximum Impact

Our videos can effortlessly be integrated into your existing marketing channels. Whether it’s part of your email marketing newsletters or shared across your social media platforms, watch as these videos pull in more subscribers and generate more leads!

Sneak Peek: Our Video Library!

Experience the magic for yourself! We invite you to flip through our entire video library to get a taste of what awaits you upon subscription. Each video has been crafted with care, aiming to simplify the intimidating world of real estate for your leads. Trust us; you'll be inspired to make them part of your marketing strategy.

Note: To access the complete list of videos, click on the upper left corner of the video player.

Your Success is Just a Subscription Away

We have two subscription plans to match your marketing budget. Both options let you cancel anytime and come with videos customized with your logo and contact info.


Tailored for real estate pros with budget constraints. Get 13 videos every 3 months, chosen by you from our library, all for a fraction of the annual price.


/Every 3 Months


If you like to plan ahead and want all your content now, our annual subscription is for you. For just $297 a year, get all your videos for the year in one go, instead of waiting every three months. You'll not only save $91 compared to the quarterly plan but also get all 52 videos from our library plus a new set of 52 each year. This offers both great value and a simple, one-time solution for a year's worth of content.


/Per Year


Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Your Service Work?

It's pretty straightforward!

1. *Initial Input:* You commence by filling out a form specifying the information you wish to incorporate in the videos (like your name or company's name, phone number, website address (if applicable), logo, and slogan).

2. *Subscription:* You subscribe to our yearly plan. Remember, there's no long-term obligation – you can cancel anytime.

3. *First Video:* We create your first customized video, which you will receive within 24 hours for your approval.

4. *Confirmation and Full Delivery:* Once you confirm that you are happy with the design, we will proceed to customize the remainder of your videos. Within the next 24 hours, you'll receive all 52 videos directly in your inbox.

Voila! You've now got a year's worth of content in just two days. Enjoy your journey with Flows!

Do I Have the Full Rights to Use These Videos?

Yes. Once you've subscribed and received your bundle of explainer videos, these videos are yours to use. You can share them across your social media platforms, embed them on your website, or even use them for email marketing campaigns.

Can I Personalize These Videos with My Branding?

Absolutely! Our service is all about ensuring that your brand stands out. During the subscription process, you fill out a form where you provide all the necessary details you want to showcase in the videos such as your company logo, your name or company name, contact details, slogan, and more. We incorporate these details into your explainer videos to make them uniquely yours.

What if I Want to Cancel My Subscription?

We respect your choices. There's no binding contract, so that you can cancel your subscription anytime. You get to keep any videos you've received up until the point of cancellation.

How Do You Secure Subscriber Data?

We are fully PCI compliant; we don’t handle or store customer financial information directly. The payment operators we use, such as Paypal and Paddle, have top-level security to keep your info safe.

Have any questions?

We’ve got the answers! Get in touch!

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